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Presence and inquiry
Personal value and love
Breaking free from self-judgment
Attachment and identity
Sustain the change

Presence and inquiry


What is presence? How can I recognize it? What happens to me when I am present? Presence is a huge asset; it is the basis of a healthy life governed by awareness and openness.


When we participate in our life, when we are in touch with our needs and desires, we see the different possibilities, we can decide our direction. Yet often we lose it. How does this happen? What is it that keeps us so busy we forget to participate?


The meeting is designed to help you experience presence through different accessible and simple methods, of which inquiry is the main one.  Inquiry, which we can also translate as self-study or self-exploration, is the capacity to question.


It is the overcoming of the idea that”, with the right experience, we have already explored and questioned the situation.


Inquiry is the substantial difference between calling a fruit “apple" and biting it. Apple is a conventional name that has its place. If you want an apple you need to know directly what they feel and smell like, you have to experience it. To inquire means entering directly into a question, with an open mind, with curiosity. It is like picking up a piece of soft clay and letting your fingers model it, it is like standing in awe in front of possibilities with the spirit of not knowing. In asking ourselves what the presence is, we are directly experiencing it.


This day aims to give you samples of presence and a way to practice it in your daily life.


Personal value, self-worth and love


Have you ever wondered: What is personal value? Why is it necessary? Why is the lack of it painful? Does it really depend on others? How can we regain it?


To recognize and retrieve our personal value is an important step that requires first of all the awareness of the fact that to compensate the lack of value we continue to seek them elsewhere, we put ourselves down and raise the people around us, or vice versa, we feel better than others, we make compromises, we manipulate, with the intent to have recognition and through these actions and test our value.


When we are in touch with our values we have an experience of wholeness, integrity, trust, a sense of having resources available in all circumstances, we are filled with a sense of preciousness and sacredness and beauty.


Value has to do with the preciousness in each of us as unique human beings.

We are precious.


Yet, we search for value in the outside world, through the recognition that others can “give” and also “take”. The value becomes a bargain, an action, a demonstration, an addiction.


If I feel loved, recognized, appreciated, I also feel precious. At the same time if I feel rejected, unappreciated, the perception that something inside me is wrong emerges, they I am not enough or that I am too much.


I think this is a "story" that each of us knows more or less closely, it is a mechanism which puts us in a condition of constant fear of being discovered in our mistakes, in our smallness, and also in our greatness that we continuously deny, as it was denied to us when it manifested itself in its entire splendor during our childhood.


 To feel the absence of value and the pain caused by it, to see how we sell ourselves when accept compromises failing to please ourselves just to please someone else, just to not say a “No”, or a “Yes”, in exchange for an ephemeral patch that for a moment covers the wound caused by absence, is in fact the way to recover, to get back in touch with something that seems lost but which is only hidden. The purpose of this day is to support you in finding the resources, the confidence and trust in yourself.


Freedom from self-judgment


Judging is an action which is constantly present in our lives, in our relationships with others and with us and it is often an unconscious activity that creates uneasiness and discomfort.


The criticism towards ourselves involves both the judgment of our potential and the idea that we remain confined to limits that we believe we have.


Living at the mercy of internal rules which belong to our family, to our society, which are recreated quickly, automatically, makes the process of gaining consciousness of them very difficult, and this it is the fundamental impediment to experiencing ourselves and reality in the present.


When we free ourselves from self-judgment, we lighten our existence; we reconnect with our right to live with joy and fullness. The intention of this day is to have an understanding and experience of the mechanism that blocks our vital energy and forces us into a space limitation and self-devaluation.


Attachment and identity


Each of us has an identity or personality that was formed in childhood, particularly in the period of adaptation.


The personality is not who we really are, but who we think we are.


It is a dress we wear, that defines us and gives us the sense of being someone, an identity.


This dress is made of many things: our personal tastes, habits and reactions to events, automatic behaviors, emotions, ideas, prejudices, beliefs.....

We wear the dress of our identity for so long that if we do not bring awareness, we land up exchanging it for our home, without realizing that it is a limitation.


And it is possible to overcome the narrow confines of identity if we are willing to recognize our attachment to the definitions of ourselves and our personal history. We often say we love someone and that we are attached to this person. Do love and attachment necessarily go together? Or is the attachment that prevents the flow of love?


"Abandon the idea that attachment and love are one. They are enemies. It is attachment that destroys all the love. If you feed attachment love is destroyed. If you feed love attachment will disappear by itself. Do not have one; they are two separate entities, mutually antagonistic."



On this day we will explore:


Support yourself in the change


To support yourself in change is a big “yes” to life, an opening what you could find.


Many people see the change only in major life events such as birth, separation, a removal... Change is something much bigger that affects everyone and it is not necessarily tied to external happy or painful events.


It is also true that, often, external events are driven by a much more profound change, which takes place within us.


The self-support is necessary because in the process of change we are most vulnerable: we change our image, we change behavior patterns, we let go of things and people of the past, we move into new territories. To establish a healthy and intimate contact with ourselves, to clarify our needs, to meet up with our needs, moods, and emotions with love becomes fundamental.


How do we recognize the change?

What relationship do we have with the changing of things inside and around us?

What emotions, thoughts and feelings arise in front of change?

How can we find the resource and support go through it?


Here are some questions that the theme of change opens up to and that we will explore in the open day "sustaining change", helping ourselves with inquiry (self-exploration) and the presence of grounding exercises, to sustain a life in continuous transformation.


"The misery comes because we do not allow change to happen; we want things to remain static. Nobody can be sure of the next moment. What about tomorrow? A man of knowledge knows that life is constantly changing. Life is change. There is only one thing that is permanent: change. Everything else except change, changes. Accept the nature of life, accept this change in existence, with all its seasons and different states, this continuous flow that never stops, even for a single moment, it is a blessing."