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Inner Judge Courses


It is a journey divided into four steps:

  1. Mastering in the judge;
  2. Living energy;
  3. Self-image and space;
  4. Being a Woman

Participation to the first part is a necessary requirement to access the other three.


1. The freedom to be yourself: mastering in the Inner Judge

This is a path of deep insight and self-inquiry, centered on exercises and meditation. It faces the topic of judgment: how it arises, how it creates a reality of separation, comparison, impairment, anxiety and guilt.


It offers participants several tools to recognize self-judgment as the primary cause of all conflicts and practical tools to break free.


The Inner Judge or Super ego is an internal, mental, emotional, mostly unconscious reality, which was created in childhood and is still active.


When we define ourselves and our experience of reality, through the ideas of right and wrong, judgments, valuations that attack our worth, guilt, inadequacy, shame, fear of not succeeding, conflicts of various kinds, external and internal, anxiety, we are dealing with the Judge.


The key messages of the judge are: You should be different! You never change!


The activity of the judge is so deeply ingrained in the way we behave to be taken for granted, even when it generates great suffering, misunderstanding and conflict.


If we want to live our lives fully it is necessary to recognize and overcome the conditioning and the limitations of the conflict between our duties and our existence which the judge maintains, we have to discover a new way of being, flexible in the freedom to be ourselves, in each moment.


Freedom is open to living in awareness and compassion, in creative maturity and abundance.


Suitable for all and especially for parents, teachers, and those who are in conflict with authority figures or those with little self-esteem and self-judgment?


2. Freedom to be yourself: Living energy

The Judge attacks are perceptible in the body through symptoms that occur as tension and stiffness. Every comment and every judgment that the judge puts on our experience of reality and ourselves, involves the entire physical structure, breathing, muscles, organs, nervous and system cells.


The Judge solicits the emotional body by uploading reactivity and at the same time it regulates the flow according to criteria of preference-rejection, acceptance-not acceptance. Similarly it controls the field of sensations, acting on the etheric body, a layer of energy connected to feeling pleasure that permeates and surrounds the physical body like a sheath.


When we are in joy, fullness, relaxation, the etheric body expands, we feel pleasure, we feel alive, emotions are fluid, creativity, and movement and a sense of possibility emerge. The more we practice the presence, the more expert in the art of defending ourselves from the judge we become, and the more we experience space, pleasure, unpredictability and contentment.


In Living Energy we  practice energy techniques, meditation, self-inquiry, yoga, in order to:


Prerequisite: Mastering in the Inner Judge


3. Freedom to be yourself: Image of self and space

To grow, to feel good and to have the experience of the subtle manifestations of Essence we need a conscious relationship with space.


You may have noticed that perhaps when you are well, when you feel expansion, when you are connected with your inner-self, you perceive space in a different way.


This relationship between interior and exterior space and well-being is critical and depends on the awareness we have of our image and relationship with the Superego (inner court).


The main task of the inner judge is to maintain and support a rigid image of ourselves through customs, judgments and mechanisms of defense and survival. This image exists as a collection of psychic emotional and physical boundaries that define the concepts of "I” and "the others”.


It works like the walls of a castle protecting what is "inside" and separating it from what is "outside". Our perception of space, both inner and outer, is conditioned by these walls, these images, and the Superego that all together keep us from experiencing the fundamental nature of the mind: an Empty Space devoid of content but full of conscience, peace and silence.


In this part of the route we explore:


Prerequisite: Mastering in the Inner Judge


4. Being a Woman

Born in a woman's body is the challenge to embody the essential female principles that are sacred and divine.


This advanced course on the inner judge is directed at women who wish to bring awareness to the dynamics that separate us from fully recognizing the preciousness, beauty and value of who we are as women.


It opens the way to the recovery of quality and archetypal female energies that occur in each of us individually and uniquely


The activity of the inner judge strikes the feminine with judgements, ideas of how we should be, devaluation, and beliefs, tending to relegate into well-defined roles and images, keeping us away from our female essence. Many of us during the course of our lives have been attacked, emotionally, mentally and energetically through personal history and social and religious conditioning that have created deep wounds.


We are surrounded by an energy field that not only contains echoes of the past, but is made of vibrations, where the condition of women on the planet, in particular in some countries, are worth next to nothing, cannot be not ignored.


Meeting and working with many women it has become very clear to me that deepest wounds are often unconscious, depreciating us as females and hence the projection on the world, on men, on other women in competition and separation.


Establishing a healthy relationship with the inner judge opens the space for love to support us and really feel the value of who we are. The course offers tools and opportunities to share with other women who are living different moments of their lives, for the revival and awakening of female energy, to expand together a bright field of awareness and creativity.


"I am the power within me
I am the love of the Sun and the Earth
I am the Great Spirit and I am eternal
My life is full of love and happiness."


Song of Margarita Alvarez, Mexican Curandera


Pre-requisite: Mastering in the inner judge