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Karuna Graziella Cinelli - Sona (Verona)
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Individual Sessions and Meetings for support - Verona


The individual sessions are open to all who want to know themselves more deeply, to people going through difficult times and discomfort in everyday situations and to all in need of support.


The support is given through a careful listening and individually chosen ways:


Examples of topics covered during our individual sessions:


Inner Judge Sessions

Realize how much self-judgment creates a fundamental separation from themselves, as well as from the people around you.


Recognize the effects of conditioning, which imprisons one in having to be and in appearances.


Discover personal resources to get out of what sometimes seems like a real cage, where often the sense of one’s own value and talents are depreciated or forgotten.


Find a deep and authentic sense of the self, with which life will gain new shades and unexpected tastes.


Energy balancing sessions

Following the map of the chakras and subtle bodies, with Reiki and Pranic energy from the hands and voice, the person is brought into a deep state of relaxation and finds an inner balance and well-being.


This session is particularly suitable for those who have difficulty with relaxation, anxiety, pain, closure to emotions and feelings.