Karuna Graziella Cinelli


I live near Verona in a rural area, where I appreciate the silence of my home. I have a studio where I people who need and ask for support can come to me.


Every time I meet someone I open myself to listening, to understanding their difficulties and hardships. I offer tools that can put them in touch with themselves, and their needs.  Hel ping to find the confidence to feel and fulfil   their potential.


Each one of us has a variety of resources that are often obscured and apparently not available.  My task is to bring these resources back to life so that everyone can live their life fully and satisfactorily.


The path that led me to do my job as a counselor began in the eighties. I used to travel a lot back then and my favorite destination was the East, India, where the meeting with various spiritual teachers, particularly Osho, gave me tools and messages that have become my practice and my life.


Over time I have learned energy techniques such as Reiki, Prana and Yoga. I studied at the Institute of Integral Being Avikal Constantine and got a degree in Professional Counseling.


The love for truth, the awareness that, this life on Earth is impermanent and that each one of us is first of all a free human being with full rights to their own happiness, accompany me in personal life and in my work. In these two areas, my life and work, my intention is to be myself, beyond the roles I cover.


This is the fruit of many years that I share with joy: it is possible to integrate spirituality and every-day life; it is possible to be true in all circumstances, without cutting parts of ourselves off for a quieter life. And it is possible to recognize and honor the' uniqueness inborn in each one of us.


In addition to individual sessions, I offer intensive retreats aiming for total awareness: Who is in? Who am I? And Satori, where people can experience their True Nature, seminars on the inner court  for the dissolution of conflicts, Reiki courses for relaxation and wellness, seminars on centering and being present  to encourage the development of the inner 'individual and to recognize personal worth.          


Karuna Cinelli - Cel. 348 7041071

Email: [email protected]



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