Awareness Intensive Retreats

Karuna Graziella Cinelli - Sona (Verona)
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Awareness  Intensive - Verona


The awareness intensive is a retreat of three or seven days, which aims to help people find themselves, meet their True Nature, through direct experience that leaves no doubt, that breaks down and dissolves all the ideas we have about ourselves.


"Who is in?" "Who am I?" "What is Love?" "What is Freedom?" "What is Truth?" "What is Relaxation?”... The questions are existential, koan, to open and explore, focused on the experience of the present moment. Meet who we are, beyond any concept or idea that we may have in this regard, is to give the possibility to manifest Being, through the availability interior, created by the application itself and the intention to experiment with the answer.


The structure of the Awareness Intensive  supports a total and passionate interior exploration. The basic technique of withdrawal has its origin in the Zen tradition. The work with the koan (question whose answer is not conceptual but experiential) that Zen was done in solitude, here is articulated in a different way: two people facing each other, take turns listening and communicating.


This technique facilitates and speeds up the process of inner search that culminates in the experience of Satori.


What does an Awareness Intensive offer?